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The Roundup for May 2, 2011

Stray additional thoughts on a strange day in what in recent years has been a life full of strange days:

• The White House photographs of the day of the attack on bin Laden are pretty striking, particularly the one taken while the principals watched the attack in the Situation Room.

• Various jihadists have vowed revenge, including al-Shabab in Somalia, and I’m pretty glad that hasn’t been much of a focus today.

• Like Tupac, bin Laden will come out with a posthumous tape, which is heading through Al Qaeda’s media pipeline as we speak.

• The same people eager to vindicate torture (with little actual proof) as a result of the intelligence on bin Laden’s hideout will surely try to vindicate warrantless wiretapping as well. Incidentally, in the body of this article you can note that KSM did not reveal the names of the couriers after being waterboarded, but during standard interrogations. In the final analysis, it was good detective work that won the day.

• Bin Laden’s NYT obit.

• Depressing that a mosque was defaced in Portland, Maine today. This story in the Detroit Free Press goading Muslims into gloating is no less depressing.

• Marc Ambinder has the definitive profile – for now – of the secret team that killed bin Laden.

Now that we’ve killed bin Laden, let’s kill oil. This is another major turning point that could be made in the aftermath of yesterday’s events.

• People actually believed that Limbaugh was praising Obama today? Out of morbid curiosity, I listened in, and the sarcasm was pretty obvious.

• A close read of Wikileaks and you would have known Abbottabad was the likely target, too.

• Scott Brown’s publicity stunt of heading to Afghanistan for training fell victim to really bad timing today.

• If bin Laden wasn’t killed yesterday, the whole cable network universe would be talking about this deeply stupid interview with Donald Trump, where he compares gay marriage to golfers using long putters. Best part of that is when he checks himself – “I don’t want this to sound trivial” – and then says it anyway.

• Financial reform implementation has slowed to a crawl and that suits the banksters just fine.

• That Nevada special election is going to be a real free-for-all, as anyone can sign up to participate with no filing fee. Republicans are incensed.

• Hamas may leave Syria because of the uprising. This is just one of the many dominoes that could fall if the Assad regime is toppled.

• Americans are pessimistic about the future of their children and grandchildren. I heard a lot of man-on-the-street interviews where people said the bin Laden operation showed that America can do something it sets out to do. There’s no belief that this can be done in other contexts anymore.

• Gadhafi’s forces reached the gates of Misurata today.

• Small business lending increased in April, according to a new survey. That would be good news.

• Bankers making shadow markets out of everything. This is a very good read.

• Right-wing populism merges anti-immigrant nationalism and populist critiques of capitalism in France.

• Saw Dave Eggers over the weekend at the LA Times Book Fest, and out he came with this NYT op-ed on paying teacher better salaries and putting a premium on the profession the way other countries do.

• New anti-foreclosure legal assistance program in Los Angeles County, the nation’s largest. Hopefully this will catch on nationwide.

• The Sacramento Kings get a reprieve. In California this is a pretty big story; more corporate welfare looks to be on the way at the state capital, and possibly for state taxpayers.

• The latest in my Silvio Berlusconi obsession. He has better things to do than stand trial, you see, which is an unusual defense.

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