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Prez’s Citizenship Settled; Rumors of Possible Black Baby Continue

The extremists have finally gotten what they didn’t want, Obama caved in to the “Undermine America” movement, that some call the “Birthers” and treated the Underminers as worthy of a rational response. While rightfully dismissed as wackos, few in the media dare linger on the implications of rich extremists organizing a movement in America to undermine the authority of the President during a time of war.

Just this week the Washington Times, established by Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon in 1982, ran an editorial entitled, “Birth certificate isn’t Obama’s only secret”. Fox News also has been hammering the President since the release of his long form. (Media Matters has a lot of good stuff on this, but please friends, stop using the term “Conservative Media”. That is an insult to a proud American tradition of rational political thought. We are dealing here with radical extremists that are trying to undermine America, not conservatives.)

Clearly such extremist Underminers will not stop their efforts simply because reality is not on their side. There are two groups operating here. One is the super wealthy that will not be happy until we return to a semi-feudal society with no social security or unions. In fact they dream of the day when we have no rights at all other than to beg on the church steps for alms. The second more visible group is populated by those traumatized racists whose primary outlet of anger has been blocked off by what they snidely call “political correctness”. While it was acceptable for Bush I to make a poster child out of Willie Horton, and for Bush II to use the infamous “Black Baby” attack against McCain, today’s racists have learned that attacking Obama on race is like swinging a baseball bat at a judo star. He laughs as he slams your face into the ground. So the racists are resorting to tangential attacks even if that means undermining the legitimacy of a fairly elected president during war time. This undermining is what the media needs to be digging into, rather than publishing images of an archived document that is nothing more than what the Hawaiian authorities have said it was for years.

Now there are calls for Obama’s academic transcripts to be made public to see if he benefited from affirmative action. Why? If he did get into Columbia University through an affirmative action program then obviously affirmative action is a brilliant success and should be massively expanded. Like him or not, Obama is clearly far more competent than that 9-11 asleep-at-the-switch Bush II.

So just how did Bush II get into Yale and later Harvard? (We will skip the subject of the Texas Air National Guard.) Affirmative Action has always been around for spoiled rich kids. Daddy just buys them a ticket and they get in. Affirmative Action for the rich is called “legacy” in the press. It is actually just about money. All you have to do is give the school money and they let your kid in.

In a Yale Alumni Magazine interview with Yale University President Rick Levin, Levin is quoted as saying,

“The admissions applications are kept separate from the financial statements. But we do advise the admissions office about applications coming from the children or grandchildren of significant donors and of alumni who have given significant volunteer service. People in the admissions world call these “institutional cases.” Which doesn’t mean they’re automatically admitted!” (emphasis added)

Of course they are not “automatically admitted” they are getting very special handling. An automated system, using stuff like SAT scores would have rejected these kids. The Daily beast has a nice, but mostly antidotal, article entitled “The Year to Bribe Your Way In” by Kathleen Kingsbury.

Claims about the rights of “a private institution” ring hollow, given the massive tax breaks that both the donors and the university endowments get, and the billions of tax payer dollars that flow into university coffers to support faculty research and to help students pay the bills. Without Federal and State money these so called private schools would shut down over night, and then the rich kids would have to find a way to bribe their way into public universities. Worst of all, these rich kids believe that they are entitled, and they can wind up managing important institutions without the faculty or competency to do so. It is time the our quasi-public Ivy League schools start being held accountable for the corruption in their admissions processes when it comes to accepting bribes from the ultra-rich.

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