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Bin Laden Buried at Sea

The US buried Osama bin Laden at sea quickly, within hours of the news breaking that he died. This is in accordance with Islamic law, which mandates that the body be buried within 24 hours.

I don’t know whether this will start up conspiracy theories or not, but we have some documentary evidence. This guy live-tweeted the entire raid without knowing it last night in Abbottabad. (As a side note, when I saw his feed last night he was at 700 followers; now he’s beyond 33,000. So let that be a lesson to you – if you want to get a lot of Twitter followers, personally witness the raid on Osama bin Laden). His timeline is consistent with the timeline suggested in Obama’s speech.

There’s also this picture shown on Pakistani TV last night of the corpse of bin Laden, although it’s unconfirmed and perhaps impossible to confirm. It also stretches credulity that US officials would let the body be snapped for a picture.

ABC News has exclusive footage inside the compound in Abbottabad where bin Laden was killed, as well.

I think this all raises an issue, but nothing to do with the legitimacy of the killing. Apparently the mission was a kill mission and no attempt was made to capture bin Laden. Now maybe a capture wouldn’t have been possible. And if there was an uproar over where to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, you can imagine what the debate over the bin Laden trial would have been like. But this tailor-made conspiracy theory would not have been generated, and what’s more the international legitimacy gained by trying an avowed mass murderer cannot be overlooked. And you wouldn’t have this weird circumstance of people like Dick Cheney congratulating the President for killing another human being.

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David Dayen

David Dayen