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Uganda anti-Gay Bill: Because men are bribed to become homosexual

The latest wrinkle in and justification for the Uganda “Final Solution” Anti-Gay bill comes from allegations that  Gay student organisations are bribing male students with a hefty allowance to become homosexual.

On April 6, it was reported in the local media that Derrick Waiswa, leader of the ‘Coalition of Concerned Youth Against Homosexuality’ at Makerere University implored Stephen Tashobya, the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee chairman, to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law because of this problem at their campus.

While it is not a new thing to hear of stories of such recruitment, especially in Ugandan boarding schools, this recent disclosure takes the recruitment to a whole new level. The large sums of money being offered are a clear indication of just how well-funded these pro-gay groups are. This is a blatant attempt at whitewashing homosexuality and brainwashing Ugandan university students who ordinarily might be turned off by the vice.

Allegedly, it is a part of a long term plan to infiltrate Uganda's leading university and produce a generation of pro-homosexual leaders.

Gosh, if that worked, you'd think that we could have the Raibolow Flag flying over Regent and Liberty Universities by now if we'd only used money for allowances to turn gay

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