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Obama Interrupts Celebrity Apprentice to Announce Osama Bin Laden is Dead

President Obama will be making a special announcement that Osama bin Laden is dead. NBC says that this was the result of a US action, and that the US has his body.

NBC announced an hour ago that the President would be speaking tonight, and cut into the last 10 minutes of Celebrity Apprentice in anticipation of his remarks.

11:05:   Richard Engel says this is “the end of the global war on terror.”  I doubt we’re that lucky.

11:06:  Andrea Mitchell says that ironically, this is the 8th anniversary of George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment.

CBS:  “Former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said on Twitter:’ #BinLaden’s death does not eliminate the threat from #alQaeda, but it is hard to see anyone playing the same organizational role he did.'”

Anderson Cooper:  “Ed henry of cnn reporting osama killed in mansion outside islamabad. Wow, if true that is stunning, and Pakistan has some explaining to do.”

New York Observer:  Look at Obama’s face when Seth Meyers made the joke about Bin Laden last night. Meme-creators, go to town.

Obama:  Shortly after taking office he told Leon Panetta that killing Bin Laden was a top priority.  Bin Laden was killed today at a compound in Pakistan in a firefight.  Tip came in August, and Obama ordered the attack today.  “Justice has been done.”

Jim Miklaszewski: US intelligence agencies have been putting pressure on Pakistan, believing that their intelligence agencies would know where Bin Laden was. Navy Seals landed in the compound. Bin Laden was shot once in the head. A helicopter crashed earlier today, believed to be a Pakistani helicopter that may have been involved in the operation.

Richard Engel: JSOC was responsible for the operation.

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