I drove by my local family planing clinic here in Michigan a few days ago an notices that there were people standing in front of the place with signs that read, “Baby Killers!” Along with these signs were lager (grotesque) photos of aborted fetuses.  The fact that they setup a 6 foot cross before they start their protest was a dead give away that they objected to abortion on religious grounds. I must say that these people are  dedicated ;  for the   past 15 years that I have lived near this clinic they have been out there.

That being said, I just learned today that a NATO air strike just killed one of  Gaddafi’s sons and his grand children.  This was another obvious attempt to murder Gaddafi that resulted it children being snuffed out.  Back when Regan was president his attempt to kill Gaddafi (without a trial) resulted in the death of his 8 month year old adopted daughter.

Iraq Dead Babies

One of the stories that the right wing loves to repeat and exaggerate is the returning Vietnam vets were spat on and called “Baby Killers!” Sure, it happen, but not to the point they overstate it.

Personally, I think they (the vets) were let off the hook to easily considering that when they left Vietnam 3 million people were dead and 1/3 of that 3 million were children: do the math!

Another, fun fact: out of the million plus snuffed out in Iraq about 40% were children.  The same general percentages apply to WWII (75 to 80 million killed ).  The logical conclusion is that any institutions, countries and individuals who engage in mass murder (war) on a large scale are “baby killers. ”

Please note; unlike my counter parts in front of the clinic, I when out of my way to present the least graphic photos of what war does to children.  Some of the things your tax dollars have been and are being used to do to  children would break the heart of anyone who has one.