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Time for Another Rebrand, Conservatives: Tea Party Now Toxic at the Polls

Pictured: a Teabagger, also known as a Republican (by mar is sea Y).

In the wake of the worst administration in decades and devastating back-to-back losses at the polls, the Republican base had a branding problem. Why would anyone want to identify themselves as a Republican when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were about as popular as colonoscopies and John McCain and The Quitter lost to that Negro Kenyan Marxist?

Thus was born the “Tea Party” — which gave wingnuts a way to be unabashedly proud right-wingers, freeing them from the numerous, spectacular failures of the Bush administration — and gave Faux News and the GOP something to energize their shock troops in 2010.

But it was only a matter of time before people figured out that the Teabaggers were just repackaged Bush/Cheney Republicans — and that time has come.

About half of Americans, 47%, now have an unfavorable image of the Tea Party movement, the highest since it emerged on the national scene.

Gallup began tracking Americans’ views of the Tea Party in March 2010, when 37% had a favorable and 40% an unfavorable view. Those views stayed roughly the same through January of this year, but have now turned somewhat more negative. The April 20-23 USA Today/Gallup poll finds favorable opinions of the Tea Party movement dropping to 33%, from 39% in January, and unfavorable opinions rising to 47% from 42%.

33% is within spitting distance of the Crazification Factor.

So what do you think the new name will be? Common Sense Party? 9/11 Party? Jesus Party?

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