Friday Night Random Ten

But first a dog update. As noted below, Fenway came through just great if not just a little bit stoned. He’s on painkillers and is just flaked out on the couch, raising his head every one in awhile to ask, “Have you ever looked at your paw? I mean really looked at your paw?” then he eats some Tapitio Doritos  and goes back to humming Journey songs. It’s kind of sad and weird and amusing all at the same time.

Anyway.. new music added this week: new Explosions In The Sky, Wailin’ Jennies, The Civil Wars, TV On The Radio, and some old Arcade Fire.

Time to shuffle:
Swastika Eyes (Jagz Kooner mix) – Primal Scream
The Loner – Neil Young & Crazy Horse (Live in San Francisco)
On The Way Home – Neil Young (Live At Massey Hall)
I’d Run Away – The Jayhawks
Damnation – Rancid
I’m A Broken Heart – The Bird & The Bee
That’s When I Reach For My Revolver – Mission of Burma
Thrust! – White Zombie
New Horizons – Engineers
Skin Tight – Ohio Players
and (what could possibly be better than Skin Tight?): Vienna – Ultravox

Yeah. That’s good too. But still…

Also, and, too, thanks to Arthur(?… sorry, packing list got tossed) for the copy of Chronos and Andrew for the Banks’ books.

Lastly, I’ve been reading Geoffrey Dunn’s The Lies Of Sarah Palin (Book Salon on 5/7… be there!) and it is endlessly fascinating. She is truly one fucked up person. Seriously, she’s a monster. Just awful.

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