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CAP Action Newsletter: GOP, Meet the Main Street Movement

Welcome back to a new week of progressive posts from the Center for American Progress Action. In this issue we’ll confront the GOP over their false claims on Medicare and taxes, cover the debate in California over adoption of an Arizona-style anti-immigration law, and report on the main street movement that is sweeping town halls across the country. Finally, for good measure, we’ll throw in a short story about Donald Trump’s embarrassing and racist sideshow. Feel free to re-tweet or post our content! Good news is meant to be shared.

GOP Medicare Proposal Doesn’t Work Like Members of Congress’ Health Care as Republicans Claim

The Not-So-Secret Conservative Plot to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Revitalizing the Golden State

Main Street Rage

Trump Counts on the Crazies


GOP Medicare Proposal Doesn’t Work Like Members of Congress’ Health Care as Republicans Claim – Unsurprisingly, Rep. Paul Ryan’s big plan to reform Medicare hasn’t been very popular among the public with 80% of Americans opposing the proposed cuts (and 70% of Republicans agreeing!). This hasn’t stopped the GOP from continuing their big sell, however. Instead they’re trying a new tact – and a little re-branding. We’ll see how this works out for them.

#GOP now claims their #Medicare reforms wld make it more like Congress’ #healthcare. Learn the truth: #p2

CHECK THE FACTS: Fed. workers wld pay MUCH more $$ if their #healthcare plans worked like #GOP #Medicare #p2

True or False? The GOP is trying to sugarcoat their Medicare proposal by saying it’s just like the one Congress gets now that they know how unpopular it is with the public. We think you know the answer. Get the facts! .

TRUEorFALSE? #GOP is trying 2 sugarcoat their #Medicare proposal now that public has come out against it #p2

The Not-So-Secret Conservative Plot to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class –The GOP’s plans to cut services for the middle class like education, Medicare and Medicaid have been well publicized in the press. But there has been surprisingly little news on another one of their outrageous objectives – tax hikes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

Check this math: Taxpayers in top 20% got 70+% of tax cuts, while mid 20% of pop got less than 9% #p2

#GOP war on middle class goes from hidden guerilla war fought through arcane regs. 2 full frontal assault #p2

Where is the outrage? We can’t let the GOP pay for even more tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy by raising taxes on the middle class and cutting critical services like Medicare and Medicaid. .

Where’s the outrage? Increasing taxes on middle class 2 pay 4 tax CUTS for wealthy is NOT RIGHT #p2

Revitalizing the Golden State – Frustrated with our broken federal immigration system, more states are looking to implement radical measures a la Arizona’s widely unpopular anti-immigration law. Thanks to an angry Tea Party activist and former chair of the Sonoma County Republican Party, California voters may see a similar measure on the next ballot. In reality, such a move would be disastrous for California’s image, economy and millions of hard-working immigrants.

#CA #teaparty activists calling 4 #AZ-style “papers please” approach that wld have terrible consequences #p2

Of 10M immigrants in #CA 2.7M r undocumented though most have been there 10+ years doing invaluable work #p2

Q: What would California really gain from an immigration policy similar to Arizona’s? A: Irreparable harm to its image, economy and valuable workforce. .

Q: What wld #CA gain from mimicking #AZ’s anti-immigration policies? A: Irreparable harm 2 image & economy. #p2


Main Street Rage – Think Progress reports that the GOP plan to hike middle class taxes, cut crucial services for the poor, and effectively end Medicare all while extending tax breaks for the wealthy has not gone over well with the American public – and they are making their voices heard. At town hall events across the country, Americans are confronting members of Congress who voted for the House Republicans’ radical budget.

Main Street Movement! Americans upset over #GOP plans 2 cut services & raise taxes aren’t afraid 2 confront Congress #p2

Town Hall protests target freshmen Republicans whose radical right-wing agenda negatively affects constituents #p2

If Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget is so popular, why are Americans so upset? Across the country town hall events show public anger over GOP’s proposed plans for taxes, budget, and Medicare. .

If @RepPaulRyan’s budget is so popular, why r Americans so upset? Main Street Movement shows anger over #GOP plans #p2

Trump Counts on the Crazies – What is Donald Trump trying to prove? And why are we paying attention to him? Even Trump must know he has a slim chance of ever being elected president, which just shows how much he’s counting on the crazies among us for publicity. It’s a national embarrassment that must stop now.

.@realDonaldTrump’s attention-seeking act crosses line from masturbatory sideshow into public racial demagoguery #p2

#Trump dumping bucket loads of toxins into our national conversation on race #p2

Why is anyone listening to him? Trump counts on the crazies to publicize his hate-filled rhetoric and the media is playing right along. .

Why does anyone listen to him? @realDonaldTrump counts on the crazies to push racist dialogue #p2


The Center for American Progress Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. We are the sister organization of the Center for American Progress, a 501(c)(3) progressive think tank dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through ideas and action. American Progress is headed by John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton. CAP Action’s mission is to take progressive policy ideas and transform it into action through communications, social advocacy, and legislative action.

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