Something keeps bugging me about Trump and the media.  Across the board from Democracy Now to Fox News and everything in between, no one dares ask Trump about his stance on NAFTA?  Trump being the buffoon that he is stopped talking about the one thing that made him look semi-sane (renegotiating  NAFTA) which makes me think he just put the NAFTA thing out there as a feeler. For some reason the corporate media seem to be going out of their way to shut Trump down and omit his comments concerning NAFTA?  Yes, I realize who and what Donald Trump is: he seems to show up as a clown, a thug, and a opportunist (I do not think he is a racist) although that is just my opinion.

What sends a chill down my spine is the uniform way all media outlets have avoided the subject?  Welcome to the new (media) “Iron Curtain.”

During the 2008 Democratic Presidential debate, George   Stephanoploulos  asked Obama and Clinton if  it became necessary would they cancel or renegotiate NAFTA.  Both danced around the question nervously,  using double talk to avoid answering.  I, being no fan of Stephanoploulos, was surprised when he did not move on, and kept pushing both candidates for a direct answer.  In the end, both Clinton and Obama reaffirmed their  blind obedience to NAFTA by saying “No”, under no circumstances would they consider backing out of NAFTA.

Correct me if I am wrong, but people, are we in deep trouble?  It would seem that we dwell in a closed system masquerading as a Democratic Republic?