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Signs of the times:

A Harsh Look At The Real Warren Buffett (Apr. 25, 2011)

And So The Billionaires Turn On Each Other – Sokol’s Lawyer Accuses Buffett Of Lying” (Apr. 27, 2011)

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Great investor finds undervalued stocks that make real money as opposed to finding an insider tip about the latest hot stock.
However McDonalds  where he made tons of cash underpays its workers and is so big people use the term McJob as an insult for the type of job that is not worth going to work to or if you have a family the type of job where you can work fulltime and probably collect welfare.
Coke with its corn syrup is probably more responsible for the nation wide diabetes epidemic than anything else.
If you can’t make money without screwing your workers or customers either you should leave the business world because you are not smart enough or the system itself is just too corrupt.
Given that Dick Cheney can call himself a self made man see the VP debate between him and Joe Lieberman where nobody argues when he says this and he got the job by going on a fishing trip with a bunch of CEO’s no government favors expected from them? Bwahahaha!
We need a list of those CEO’s
Then you build Hal up with government contracts no isider trading of his past government jobs and connections Bwahahaha!. Then you as VP under Bush really build up Hal just look at the reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan Hal handled rebuilding Iraq’s oil pipelines as well as rebuilding the country so the oil wells could be fixed and Iraq pumps how much oil 10 years later …about as much as did under Saddam:( to sad for a Bwahahaha.
Dick’s only business decision that I can recall that did not involve government was when he bought an asbestos company with tons of lawsuits. Was he high is my question?
So as VP he worked to get rid of that liability with a government forced deal so much for small government.
So maybe Warren really had no choice if he wanted to get rich.
Still if guys like Buffet gave Costco the same funding Wallmart got and a Costco was on every corner instead of a Wallmart.
If the hamburger chains that make money and pay their workers living wages but survive despite McDonalds had gotten the financing Mcdonalds got and spread like McDonalds the book Fast Food Nation lists a few that do this, my copy is at my brother’s house.
Well imagine an America where the biggest retail store and the biggest fast food chain paid living wage jobs.



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