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Allegations of Trump history of anti-Semitic epithets and harassment of women, gay employees

What else can be added to The Trump Meltdown machine this week? Scott Rose at PoliticusUSA adds to the sh*te hitting the fan that isn’t coming out of The Donald’s mouth at the moment:

Baritone Julian Long, a gay man, worked during his student days in Trumpets Restaurant, interior-designed by Trump’s then wife Ivana Trump. Julian reports that Donald Trump as a fixture of the restaurant subjected female employees to frequent sexual harassment, forcing them to endure the lewd and lascivious remarks he made to them. Trump, furthermore, often harassed, demeaned and humiliated his gay employees by referring to them collectively as “the faggots.” Donald Trump, in other words, abused his position of power as an employer to degrade his employees, bullying them on the basis of their gender and/or sexual orientation.

…It is more than evident that Donald Trump loves what he does – and what he does is to use his public position to inflame archaic, irrational bigotries and sexism in the more unenlightened portions of the American populace.

Julian Long says that one evening, after a performance conducted by Leonard Bernstein, in the Green Room, Trump was present with a young blonde female escort, not Marla Maples on his arm. Julian overheard Trump refer to Maestro Bernstein as a “Faggot Jew.”

So becoming of a presidential candidate, eh? These charges don’t seem far-fetched at all, given the bankruptcy-prone billionaire has done a lot to burnish his reputation as a racist.

What must the honchos at NBC be thinking about the publicity The Donald is generating now?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding