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BUT if the same is going on your state, please get involved.

The 14 member Independent California Citizens Redistricting Commission is starting it’s hearings on redrawing of electoral districts.

What will the full Commission do?

The 14-member Commission is made up of five Republicans, five Democrats, and 4 not affiliated with either of those two parties but registered with another party or as decline-to-state. The Commission must draw the district lines in conformity with strict, nonpartisan rules designed to create districts of relatively equal population that will provide fair representation for all Californians. The Commission must hold public hearings and accept public comment. After hearing from the public and drawing the maps for the House of Representatives districts, 40 Senate districts, 80 Assembly districts, and four Board of Equalization districts, the Commission must vote on the new maps to be used for the next decade. To approve the new maps, the maps must receive nine “yes” votes from the Commission—three “yes” votes from members registered with the two largest parties, and three “yes” votes from the other members. The role of the Commissioner is further described here.

The meetings(hearings) will be held across the State and where/when can be viewed here.

Get involved and let your voice be heard.

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