Last week,  Ohio Governor John Kasich said that public employees needed to pay more for their health insurance and their pensions because waitresses at Bob Evans Restaurants(a large Ohio-based Denny’s-like chain) don’t get pensions and have at best “shabby” health insurance. Here is the actual soundbite in all its glory:

Reaction was swift:

IOW, to be fair to waitresses and other hardworking people struggling to educate their kids, the public employees need to sacrifice their hard-won benefits. Of course, he didn’t say just how the destruction of public sector employees’ collective bargaining rights would actually help the poor waitresses.  In fact, since Bob Evans employees DON’T have collective bargaining, maybe in a backhanded way Kasich was implying that if they did, hey!, they might just have some affordable health insurance and pensions, too! Not to mention a living wage.

Nah. He’s just employing the oldest political trick in the book: Divide and rule. Divide the working class against itself by appealing to one of the basest elements of human nature, envy. If you’re a waitress at Bob Evans feeling all stepped on, you’ll feel better if those lazy government workers are treated just as shittily as you are, right? Vote Kasich!

Kasich also failed to mention how Bob Evans is a publicly subsidized corporation, as the second link above shows. Most of those employees are paid so little they qualify for Food Stamps and Medicaid,  both taxpayer-funded the last I checked, not to mention Bob Evans gets paid up to $9000 per year for each new employee hired who is receiving public assistance under the Welfare to Work Tax Credit(WOTC)by, you guessed it! The taxpayers.

Just in case you ever applied for a lowpaying job at McDonald’s or a temp agency, and saw a question asking you if you were on public assistance, that’s why they ask. These corporatist bastards actually get tax credits for a substantial chunk of the slave wages that they deign to pay. AND the taxpayers provide food and medical assistance because those same employees are not paid a living wage.

Vulture capitalism at its best.  I spread the word of our dear Governor’s quote at work and, with the exception of an unabashed Republican who said that the quote sounded like Obama’s “spread the wealth” quote on his campaign(I can’t quite figure that one out), saw the anger index skyrocket.

John Kasich. In-your-face Fascist. At least I voted against the SOB.

Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian