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Sixth Republican Senator Faces Recall in Wisconsin

As of right now, eight petitions have been filed for recall elections in Wisconsin against state Senators: five against Republicans, three against Democrats. Via Dane 101, we learn that the sixth Republican recall will be filed this week, a week before the deadline against Sen. Robert Cowles.

A recall petition against Cowles will be submitted to the Government Accountability Board this Thursday, putting the number of Republican senators facing recall elections at six after signatures were delivered against Alberta Darling on April 21. Three Democratic senators – Dave Hansen, Robert Wirch, and Jim Holperin – have also had recall petitions filed against them.

That puts the total number of Wisconsin senators now facing recall elections at nine. There have only been four recall elections in the history of the state up to this point.

Cowles will be a tougher Republican to defeat than some of the other Senators on the ballot, but it’s not impossible. The Daily Kos poll shows Cowles’ approval rating at a mere 32%, and the race against a generic Dem challenger at only 45-43 in Cowles’ favor. And that poll was taken before Cowles voted for Scott Walker’s anti-union bill. So this is definitely a seat in play.

This will probably be the last recall petition filed by Democrats in Wisconsin. Glenn Grothman and Mary Lazich, the other two for whom signatures have been gathered, come from very Republican districts. However, there are still several days until the May 2 deadline, so anything is possible.

As for the Democratic Senators, according to the Government Accountability Board site, two recall efforts have already failed. The deadline for recalls of Lena Taylor and Fred Risser passed yesterday with no action. Another deadline, for Spencer Coggs, is today, and no petition is expected to be filed. That leaves Mark Miller and Julie Lassa. There were two efforts against Miller, one of which expires today and the other which has until May 4. A late effort against Lassa has until May 16 to complete. Only Lassa’s recall is expected to have a chance of going through.

The strong likelihood, then, is for 9 recall elections this summer, six against Republicans and three against Democrats. The GAB will look to consolidate all those recall elections in the interest of relieving confusion about the dates. There may not be one date, but the GAB wants as few as possible. These should happen sometime in midsummer.

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David Dayen

David Dayen