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Republicans 4 Freedom:speaking for the rational wing of the party — calls out the anti-gays

Republican Ron Hill is sick of the American Taliban agenda, the professional anti-gay set that attempts to set the tone not only in the GOP, but the Tea Party as well. A former writer at Frum Forum, Hill is also a marijuana reform activist.

Ron wrote me to tell me that “rank & file republicans are increasingly supportive of gay equality. The whole purpose of Republicans 4 Freedom is to focus on marginalizing the anti-gay right’s influence within the GOP.”

This Site is created by Ron Hill, who was deployed as a Captain to Afghanistan when California’s anti-gay Proposition 8 was being waged in federal court. Captain Hill realized that, “Here I am fighting religious fundamentalist who seek to impose their will on everyone in society, while back home in my own country religious fundamentalist are also seeking to impose their will on everyone in society.”

It was then that he realized how religious fundamentalism is not only the greatest external threat to American freedom, but also the greatest internal threat to freedom that our country faces. Captain Hill found it incredulous that his own party defended the discriminatory outcome of proposition 8 as legitimate because the vote was said to express “the will of the people”. Apparently, his fellow republicans had never been schooled in why the United States is a republic rather than a democracy – and that a vote of the majority amounts to the tyranny of the majority if there are no safeguards for minority rights (such as the courts and constitutional protections) – and thus, no one’s rights would be truly safe.

Thankfully the republican party never argued for a statewide vote on segregation or “the will of the majority” would have been in favor of Jim Crow.

Well I have to say that R4Freedom is off to a blunt start with the post “Will Anti-Gay Extremist be the 2012 GOP Nominee’s Jeremiah Wright?”

It’s one thing to personally oppose homosexuality based on religious beliefs – but it’s wrong to demand that the government mandate that others abide by your religious beliefs just because you don’t like the way they live. Even worse is to lie and attack your fellow Americans with untruths to pursue your so-called religious agenda.

None of the worst anti-gay “leaders” (Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins or Peter LaBarbera) are considered experts in human behavior or science in any way, shape or form. None of them have any academic or scientific credentials whatsoever. Yet they are often invited by the national media to respond publicly on issues affecting gay Americans as though they are somehow “experts”. They are not. All these “gentlemen” are espousing is their personal belief.

…These three men are a classic examples of everything wrong with public discourse in America. They lie, they make up fake statistics, they distort real scientific research … all with the goal of demonizing their fellow Americans. Claiming that gays in the military caused Adolf Hitler and the death of six million Jews is nothing but extreme demagoguery. Yet a leading candidate for President of the United States went on this man’s radio show. No one has held Gov Pawlenty to task on this. Does the Governor agree that gays are responsible for the holocaust? Will he continue to associate with such extremist as Bryan Fisher and the American Family Association and the Family Research Council? If so, then calls from Pawlenty to tone down extremist rhetoric and return to civility would mean nothing.

Ouch. I wonder what the professional anti-gays will say in response?


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding