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Water Cooler – Resurrection! No, Not Him, The Doctor!

Being brought up Catholic and going to Catholic Boarding School this time of year is always dominated by a person who comes back from the dead. That’s right, tonight is the premier if Doctor Who!

Okay, so the Doctor does not come back from the dead, but he does get a new body, whenever the actor gets to expensive or a new series kicks off. Tonight is the premier of the 6th season of the BBC’s latest version.

The new Doctor is the youngest, Matt Smith, ever and the special effects are far better than the series in the 1970’s, but other than that we have pretty much the same story. The Doctor, a Time Lord, travels around with his friends, (usually a very cute girl plus some others) through space and time having all kinds of adventures./

Below are a couple of clips. The first is from last season with the newest Doctor, and then a classic Doctor, Tom Baker.

And now a classic

Could the affects be any cheesier?

And now all ten Doctors in 3 minutes:

So Whovians, what does this Jesus guy have on the Doctor?

What is on your minds tonight Firedogs? The floor is yours!

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