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Our landscape architect neighbor has been beautifying the neighborhood.

Spring has finally sprung in southeastern Pennsylvania! And yesterday was Earth Day… so I took some new photos of our neighborhood. Things are really blooming now!

We have had waaaay too many weeks of cold and rainy weather, but it appears that Spring has arrived, at last. I took these photos, so that you can see things actually in bloom. The earlier photos were taken while it was still too cold and wet!

One of our neighbors, a landscape architect, has been busy, beautifying the neighborhood, with the help of some of our neighbors.

In other news, I have joined a gym and I am trying to build up my chi. Seems to be working. I actually felt some sweat the other day. And I talked to my doctor about my target heart rate. He seemed to think that 85% or so was probably as far as I might want to go, and I’m okay with that. I also noticed last time (Thursday) that my heart rate did not go above 110 and when I used deep breathing, I could actually decrease my heart rate.

For those who have not read my earlier posts about trying to be a kidney donor for my son-in-law… that’s what this is all about. I want to be stronger before donating a kidney, and my daughter and son-in-law have become more aggressive with the dialysis, trying to help him lose some weight so that we can get this transplant moving….

Would you like some French Toast? …I used challah and we have ricotta cheese and marmalade for toppings. They are delicious together! There is plenty of tea and coffee, and orange juice and I can always cook a few eggs for those who prefer no sweets for breakfast.

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