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Obama: “Just Rent”

During Obama’s Facebook town hall, Obama was asked about helping Americans struggling to pay their mortgages. Obama said, “…some people should just rent.” Actually, I agree. Some people should rent because they don’t earn enough to buy a house.

After 2 years of Obama’s promises and capitulations, I listen to his answers, responses, and speeches differently now. I’m more interested in what isn’t said than his actual words. The words Obama uses to answer questions are worthless, they mean nothing to him other than they solved an immediate problem. You may think he answered the question but did he? And if he answered, will he defend his answer or agree to the exact opposite during the next round of negotiations (preemptive surrender).

Back to just rent. People are losing their homes because of unemployment and bank fraud. Our unemployment is caused by Free Trade, crony capitalism, and political corruption. Bank fraud is just criminal behavior but if they own our politicians…

Recently, I heard the question, “Are you middle class because of income or equity(wealth)?” Middle class people sometimes struggle with the answer but if I asked a rich person, are you rich because of income or equity, the answer is easy. Kobe Bryant isn’t rich because he earns $20 million a year, he is rich because his assets(equity) enable Kobe to live lavishly indefinitely without an income. After Kobe stops playing, he won’t need a job to pay the mortgage, there won’t be a mortgage if he has half a brain although there are some tax considerations, estate issues, etc.

In the last 100 years, the best method middle class people used to create equity and generational wealth is home ownership. “Just rent” represents the surrender of the middle class to the rich. The top 10% own 90% of America’s wealth, and 100% of our politicians. They are benefiting from free trade, illegal immigration, continuous war, reduced wages, and Wall Street fraud. So when Obama says some people shouldn’t own a home, they should just rent, who do you think he is working for? You? The middle class?

This is just another example of the American middle class reset. Middle class jobs are being exported, middle class wages are decreasing, middle class social programs are being eliminated, middle class health care is being cut, and middle class retirements (years, benefits) are being stolen. And our “Democratic” President wants the middle class to become urban sharecroppers or worse, why vote for a Democrat ever again? ***Trump2012***

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Bin Quick

Bin Quick