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Last month, Firedoglake successfully launched its FDL Membership Program with over 500 new members. This month, more of you have joined because you recognize how important it is to support the writers and technical staff that bring you fiercely independent news and analysis. Your memberships make it possible for us to keep the site going, to stay independent, and to offer a forum to you at MyFDL.

That support allows us to provide in depth coverage of the most important stories, from Jane and Michael’s coverage of Bradley Manning’s treatment, to David Dayen’s excellent reporting on Congress and from Wisconsin, to Marcy’s investigations into America’s national security apparatus for its unending wars, to Jon and Blue Texan’s coverage of politics, to the unprecedented live coverage of the Prop 8 trial, the mortgage crisis, and the Japanese nuclear meltdown. Plus: Movie Night! And the always seriously funny Tbogg. Just as important, your Memberships allow FDL to organize events and progressive campaigns that help shape the national dialogue on matters you care about.

We’re about to launch a new feature for FDL Members. Very soon, we’ll begin offering our members internet conference events featuring FDL and other experts on timely topics. We’re planning sessions on Bradley Manning, mortgage foreclosure issues and lots more, and members will be asked to help select and shape future topics. Members will be able to log on and watch live presentations and participate directly via Q&A sessions. We’ll send Members notices via e-mail on how and when to sign up, and we’ll also provide reminders on the FDL front page to encourage our readers to join. We hope to say more about this in a day or two, so watch for it.

So to all our new members, a big “Thank You!” from the FDL team. And to those who haven’t joined yet and want to make sure you don’t miss out on the internet conference events, this is a good time to sign up.

And we’ve added more stuff to our bag of benefits for new members!

Last week we added a discount at ECObags, Inc, and we will be continuing to offer that through April of 2012. Today, we’re announcing we have also teamed up with Let’s Go Green.

Let’s Go Green is dedicated to keeping the economy clean and fit, and offers dozens of eco-friendly home, office, and business products. Just to name a few; they have eco-friendly/bio-degradable plastic plates, efficient light bulbs, one-use silverware, doggie waste bags, tissue paper, notepads, and much more. And you can purchase a gift certificate at the discounted rate and give it to a friend, family member, or co-worker.

Let’s Go Green is offering Firedoglake members who join NOW and our existing members a 25% discount on all purchases. There is no minimum amount to receive the discount, and shipping is free for orders over $49. This is a great offer and we are happy to be teaming up with a company concerned about our environment.

Please join our FDL Member Benefits Program today and receive the Let’s Go Green and ECObags discounts along with access to other benefits like CREDO Mobile, Chelsea Green Books, and Netroots Nation. Do a good deed by keeping FDL strong and healthy. In return, not only will you be a part of a long-lasting community, but you can get some cool gifts as well. To learn more about the FDL Member Benefits Program click here.

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John has been writing for Firedoglake since 2006 or so, on whatever interests him. He has a law degree, worked as legal counsel and energy policy adviser for a state energy agency for 20 years and then as a consultant on electricity systems and markets. He's now retired, living in Massachusetts.

You can follow John on twitter: @JohnChandley