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Reality from Below

what if reality itself in our macro world is but a projection of what is
really “real” in the sub-atomic realm. The true “under world” where Newtonian fixations go to die. A certain “half-spin” of an electron emits energy which projects itself up into our realm as reality (perceptional matter): Part of the perceptional matter projected from below consist of the gray matter between our ears (our brains), a bio-electric tabulation device generating countless overlapping “if_then” statements.
As a computer generates a GUI (Graphic User Interface) and projects Windows onto your screen creating the virtual reality of your desktop; so might the brain generate our consciousness. Zeus is said to have “thunk” Athena into existence, could the mushy wet little under estimated gray blob have done the same? The thinking thing that is you might very well be a projection of a hologram.

Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
By Brian Greene

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