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LIVE: Pentagon Press Conference on Transfer of Bradley Manning

Snap presser called on Joining this in progress. . . .

DoD General Counsel Jeh Johnson, LTC Dawn Hilton, and Dr. Joseph Westphal, US Under Secretary of the Army, address the press.

As we reported, Pfc. Manning will be transferred from the brig at Quantico to a pretrial confinement facility at Leavenworth.

Manning’s legal representation was only informed today.

LTC Dawn Hilton, in charge of the correctional facility at Ft. Leavenworth, says Manning will be assessed upon transfer, but as a pretrial prisoner, would be expected to eat three meals a day in a mess hall, and have recreation time in the company of other inmates.

The Army stresses that this change is not meant to be a criticism of Manning’s treatment at Quantico.

While the assembled panel will not say that Manning’s move is in response to the attention given Manning’s confinement at Quantico, they dance on every side of, and walk right up to, drawing that inference.

This dance–the attempt not to publicly pass judgement on Manning’s conditions up till now–is causing the panel to spend an inordinate amount of time NOT commenting on the seven-month-long solitary-like confinement of Pfc. Manning.

The presser has ended. We will try to get a replay of the whole thing and post it shortly.

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine