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Bite Me Clown!

Bite Me Clown!
by David Glenn Cox

Today April 19th is National McDonald’s hiring day! No, this isn’t a joke, this is a media promotion. A way for corporate and government interests to make claims for a recovering economy when it is clearly not the case. Forbe’s headlines it, “McDonald’s National Hiring Day: Retailers and Congress Should Take Notes”

Forbe’s- “Positive brand marketing of the company is another reason the McDonald’s National Hiring Day is creative and smart. The promotional efforts behind the McDonald’s National Hiring Day build excitement, hope, and encouragement for young and old, experienced and inexperienced to fill out an application.”

Are you excited? Are you hopeful? Are you encouraged? Are you aware that no sitting President has ever been reelected with unemployment over seven percent? Our corporate shill in chief began a program last year to spend government money for local community colleges to encourage job training with such employers as the Gap, Banana Republic and yes, McDonald’s.  This is what they offer to your children and this is what they offer to you as gainful employment and recovery.

The Associated Press- “ It is also trying to shed the negative connotation of employment at the fast-food chain, once dubbed “McJobs.” McDonald’s says about half of the company’s franchise owners and more than 75% of its managers started in entry-level jobs at McDonald’s.

“A McJob is one with career growth and endless possibilities,” the company said.
McDonald’s held a similar event in its Western region last year. More than 60,000 people applied for 13,000 jobs.”

BRIGHTON, Mich. (WJBK)  Fox – Nationally, the career path opportunities at McDonald’s are significant: 70 percent of restaurant managers, 50 percent of McDonald’s corporate staff and 30 percent of owner operators started as restaurant crew at one point in time.

McDonald’s also prides itself on benefits. The average restaurant spends about $51,330 on benefits. Each McDonald’s spends nearly $507,595 on wages, or more than $1,390 per day, which comes out to 25.1 percent of each restaurants revenues; wages and benefits account for more than 31.9 percent of McDonald’s revenues.

The old inverted funnel theory, 70 percent of restaurant managers, so one store manager and three or four shift mangers per store times the hundreds of employees that come and go. It is no different than saying 70 percent of all pentagon generals began as army privates or 99 percent of Power Ball winners first purchased a ticket.

$51,330 in employee benefits divided between say a hundred employees or so $513.00 annually or around $9.00 per week? Let’s say fifty employee’s or $18.00 per week plus employees can play in the McDonald’s land playground if they aren’t too tall and take their shoes off first.

“Each McDonald’s spends nearly $507,595 on wages,” Sorry, McDonald’s doesn’t spend any money on wages, McDonald’s pays out wages to its workers who have done labor for the company and earned the money. McDonald’s calling wages spending is like a farmer saying that he is buying his dirt seeds.

MSNBC- “Our total hires are similar to past years, but the goal of hiring 50,000 people in one day across the U.S. Is unique,” McDonald’s spokeswoman Ashlee Yingling told Reuters. The April hiring event is a preparation for the busy summer months. “But these are not just seasonal jobs. It is a mix of permanent and temporary jobs” Yingling said.

She added that McDonald’s hourly employees typically make more then the minimum wage, often  more than $8.00 per hour.”

“Our total hires are similar to past years,” or in other words these aren’t new jobs but seasonal part time jobs. More of last years green shoots that faded and fell with the September leaves.

MSNBC – “U.S. employment grew firmly for a second straight month in March and the jobless rate hit a two-year low of 8.8 percent, underscoring a decisive shift in the labor market that should help to underpin the recovery.

That is better news for some than others.

Income growth for the top-earning U.S. workers has risen sharply since the 1980s, while the loss of well-paying manufacturing jobs has led to stagnation at the low end.”

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics the  U-6 employment number for unemployment was at 17.5 percent in March of 2010 and this March had dropped to 16.2 percent, a drop of less than one percent in a twelve months. According to the Bureau the the civilian work force shrank by 400 thousand  workers over the last twelve months despite high schools, colleges, universities and trade schools all cranking out graduates. That is truly an astounding number because it means with over thirteen million unemployed in this country our employment problems will be over sometime no sooner than 2023 and no later than sometime during the next century.

MSNBC calls that, “underscoring a decisive shift in the labor market that should help to underpin the recovery. “ You know what I call it? Then again, I’m not trying to peddle stocks with happy talk.

The Indy Star (Gannett) – The job additions will increase the company’s U.S. workforce by 7.7 percent to 700,000. In Indianapolis alone, more than 1,000 new workers will be added to the hamburger company’s payroll.

“I’m just very excited about it. I was raised in a single family and started as a crew member at 16. I know what McDonald’s can do for you,” said Reginald Jones, who along with his wife, Tracey, owns five McDonald’s in the Indianapolis area.”

I was born in a log hospital and had to fight dinosaurs to get to school each day but do take note; as it is always best to take menial job employment advice from multimillionaires.

Fox  Chicago  News – Chicago – “McDonald’s has 50,000 golden opportunities up for grabs,

The fast-food giant is calling today a national hiring day and seeking to fill 50,000 jobs. In Chicago alone, McDonald’s is looking to hire about 1,500 workers.

The Oakbrook-based company has openings at its restaurants nationwide for everything from cashiers to managers.

At a store in Oakbrook, applicants ranged from a man looking to get back into the workforce and move up in the ladder to a young teen who was looking for her first job.
McDonald’s said it’s the largest hiring effort in the company’s history.

Odd, that’s not what McDonald’s spokeswoman Ashlee Yingling said, “Our total hires are similar to past years.”

Will you jump at this golden opportunity which is up for grabs?

This is sickening stunt and the media are all over it because they are selling the corporate myth that the economy is improving. Yet why should the economy improve? What has been done to help it to improve? Tax cuts? Will tax cuts fuel our return to prosperity? Why should they? Will part time jobs at McDonald’s fuel our return to prosperity? Not bloody likely.

Is the economy improving? No it is not. Can Congress and the President admit that? No, they can’t and they won’t. It is one of the clearest examples of corporate shilling, making a grand gala out of an annual seasonal event.

This is what is offered to you as a recovery, a bun with very little meat inside, sugar water along with sugar coated french fries and for the children, a toy inside. A happy meal which much like McDonald’s food leaves much to be desired.

“I’m Loving It”
McDonald’s National Hiring Day
From the website, “I am”

Bite me clown!

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