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An Inconvenient Truth for Teabaggers: America’s Taxes Hit Historic Lows

by katerkate

Who will save us from the socialist dystopia that is Obama’s America?

While Republican lawmakers appear unified against tax increases and many Tea Party activists want existing rates rolled back, statistics consistently show that federal taxes are at a historic low.

For the past two years, a family of four earning the median income has paid less in federal income taxes than at any time since at least 1955, according to the Tax Policy Center. All federal, state and local taxes combined are a lower percentage of per-capita income than at any time since the 1960s, according to the Tax Foundation. The highest income-tax bracket is its lowest since 1992. At 35 percent, it’s well below the 50 percent mark of much of the 1980s and the 70 percent bracket of the 1970s.

Clearly, this calls for another round of tax cuts.

Oh, and about that last part. Gallup has a poll today that shows that 59% of the country think millionaires aren’t paying enough taxes.

Why do Americans want to punish the producers and reward the lazy?

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