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Rochester, MN Post-Bulletin Rolls out Red Carpet for No-Show Teabaggers

I’ve long since got used to seeing the Republican-leaning “mainstream” media go out of its way to ignore or minimize progressive protests and parades — such as the massively-well-attended pro-immigrant ones that have taken place in several US cities over the past few years — while chasing after any old handful of right-wingers gathered in a single spot long enough for the camera crews to immortalize them on film, video or pixels. We saw this most recently in Madison last month, where Russian TV crews did a better job covering the protests than did most national media, which for the most part averted its eyes when nearly 100,000 people converged on the Wisconsin State Capitol on February 26.

But Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen has alerted me to a first: a newspaper — namely, the Rochester, Minnesota Post-Bulletin — giving copious coverage to a right-wing rally that never happened. Really and truly:

The paper published three stories Saturday about the local tea party:

Rainy days or sunshine ahead for Rochester Tea Party Patriots?

Debate continues: Do Rochester Tea Party Patriots help, hinder local GOP?

Rochester Tea Party Patriots: Five questions

What’s the problem? Check out the lede for the first story of the three handed in by Tea party toadie and PB political reporter Heather Carlson:

It appears that only a blustery, rainy forecast has been able to keep Rochester Tea Party Patriots from speaking out.

The group canceled what would have been its third annual tax day rally Friday in Rochester. But while they weren’t out at Soldiers Field waving signs calling for budget cuts and an end to the “nanny state,” Tea Party activists say it won’t curtail the efforts that have made them a growing force in local politics this year. . . .

Yeah, you read that right. The Tea Party Patriots of Rochester cancelled their rally because of a weather forecast (probably assisted by that nanny-statish National Weather Service), but still got three stories in the Post Bulletin.

As Sorensen goes on to note, union members of her acquaintance have told her that the Post-Bulletin routinely ignores pro-labor protests, ones with actual protesters who are out in all sorts of weather and who don’t leave when the news crews do. Yet the sunshine patriots so beloved of the P-B get fawning treatment despite being total no-shows.

It is to laugh.

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