Atlas Bombed or: When Movie Audiences Go Galt

It turns out that America doesn’t want to see motherfucking libertarians on motherfucking trains:

Atlas Shrugged: Part I was the top-grossing limited release of the weekend, generating an estimated $1.7 million at 300 single-screen locations.

For a pure independent release, Atlas Shrugged: Part I’s opening was fine. But for the first-ever adaptation of Ayn Rand’s influential mega-selling 1957 novel that had far more media hype than any other independent movie could dream of, it was disappointing.


What’s more, Atlas Shrugged: Part I’s box office dropped six percent from Friday to Saturday, further indicating niche appeal. The movie would require exceptional holds moving forward to right its course.

Atlas Shrugged: Part I was reportedly produced for $10 million in a rush to retain the movie rights before they reverted back to Ayn Rand’s estate, and its producers eschewed Hollywood (only one theater showed it in the Los Angeles area) after decades of failed attempts. Instead, they took a grass roots approach and tried to capitalize on the Tea Party movement, which was credited with the Republicans’ landslide win in last November’s election.

So ticket sales actually declined from Friday (when present day Atlases were busy inventing perpetual motion machines while the unemployed moochers were probably using their government handout money to take their seven illegitimate welfare babies to see Rio) to Saturday (when present day Atlases were still working BECAUSE THAT IS WAS THEY DO! THEY CAN’T STOP! THEY MUST CREATE!).

And, since a six percent decline in business is good news, the makers of Atlas Shrugged are making big plans:

“We are looking to expand to 1,000 screens subject to logistics,” said producer Harmon Kaslow in an email. “There’s strong interest from the exhibitors and we’re getting very positive word of mouth from our core target audience.”

I think a perpetual motion machine will be invented before this movie expands to 1,000 screens.

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