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The Trump Card

Public Policy Polling

Trump: 26 percent
Huckabee: 17 percent
Romney: 15 percent
Newt Gingrich: 11 percent
Sarah Palin: 8 percent
Ron Paul: 5 percent
Michele Bachmann: 4 percent
Tim Pawlenty: 4 percent

In the Marist poll, only 36% of respondents indicate that they would “definitely vote for him” in the general election, whereas 48% state they will “definitely vote against him.”

A McClatchy-Marist survey finds 41% of Democrats are in favor of a challenge for the Democratic presidential nomination. When Democratic-leaning independents are included, 45% support a primary challenge, 46% don’t, and 9% aren’t sure.

Watching worthless Washington media whores trying to understand Donald Trump’s rise in the polls is like watching George W. Bush simultaneously do calculus and read Shakespeare. They have no reference point.  They can’t understand dynamic public opinion as Donald Trump’s anti-China Birtherism attracts both Tea Party Republicans and Democrats. The media thinks the Tea Party racists are solely responsible but they have a huge surprise coming.  Today Trump spoke to the Tea Party but if Trump was threatening to run as a Democrat, he would leading Democratic polls.  If nothing else, the two polls above prove that both Parties are desperately looking for somebody, anybody else. For now, a billionaire reality TV star with a combover will suffice.

I’ve been waiting for the Tea Party Republican-Liberal Democratic Party alliance. Other than music, race, and culture, rural Americans and urban American suffer the same plight in life. They both have poor public schools, drug ravished communities, and a lack good jobs. And they both vote for worthless politicians that go to Washington and vote against their best interest. Whether we elect George W. Bush or Barack H. Obama, the lives of working class urban and rural America remain the same.

Both Bush and Obama supported Free Trade, tax cuts for the rich, and supply side economics, so Donald Trump’s “America can be great again”, “Obama is the worst President ever”, “We aren’t respected”, and “China is stealing our jobs” routine sells in both rural and urban America. I don’t think Trump even realizes how easily he could split the middle and win the White House. Given a choice between Obama and jobs, many of “The Blacks” will choose jobs especially after Obama cut home heating oil assistance, raised taxes on the working poor, and exported US jobs to S. Korea, Colombia, etc.

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Bin Quick