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Flashy GOP House Fundraiser Party Stars LeAnn Rimes, Nets $59 per ‘Critter

Spending a quarter of a million dollars to make a big splash with their first DC fundraiser, freshman California Congressman Jeff Denham and ten other fellow newbies managed to bring in a major haul: each of the eleven newly minted GOP ‘Critters will receive exactly $59.09 in campaign funds for his first re-election campaign.

Rimes and her entourage made out well at the Jan. 4 fundraiser that served as Republican Rep. Jeff Denham’s big political debut in Washington. Between assorted fees, flowers, catering and other costs, Denham’s special fundraising committee reported spending $212,250 on the Rimes event.

The committee, meanwhile, raised only $212,900 from outside contributors.

Add it all up, and Denham’s special committee spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars to net a grand total of $650 in outside contributions.

These are the people many Americans trusted with our country’s fiscal future last election day, and the people Barack Obama thinks he can negotiate with. They are also, of course, the new freshmen ‘Critters pulling the strings on the newly hatched, orange Speaker marionette.

Of course, no GOP event would be complete without a little Nathaniel Hawthorne shaming in the midst:

One conservative commentator asked Denham at a news conference whether it was right for an “admitted adulteress” like Rimes to entertain at a GOP event.

A expensive adulteress at that:

The myriad costs reported for the LeAnn Rimes performance itself included $75,000 for “musical entertainment fee,” $25,000 for “event management” paid to Nashville-based Maximum Artist Management, and nearly $55,000 for hotel rooms and catering paid to the W Hotel, a couple of blocks from the White House.

Of course, if adultery is an excludable offense, then the GOP is gonna have a hard time getting a poker game together, let alone a well-attended event like this one. Perhaps only adulteresses, and not adulterers, are to be excluded?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge