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Peggy Noonan Surprised That 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates are Mostly Crazy

Pictured: Someone who blames World War II on the British, and who ran for the Republican nomination in 1992.

Yeah, I know — I can’t help myself. But look, I would’ve ignored this mostly useless Nooners piece had she not written this about the Republicans’ 2012 crop of circus geeks and snake handlers.

The Democrats’ hope is that centrists will look at the Republican nominee and, holding their nose, choose the devil they know. Especially if the one they don’t know seems to have little horns under his hair.

Republicans voting in recent presidential primaries have tended to pick the candidates who are viewed as the moderate in the race—Bob Dole in 1996, George W. Bush in 2000, John McCain in 2008. But in truth, there are some pretty antic candidates out there this year.

I just love that word: antic. It’s Villager for “batshit.”

But, come on. Nooners doesn’t remember 1992, when David Duke ran in the primary and Pat Buchanan’s unhinged rant at the Beer Hall Putsch Republican convention all but sunk the GOP’s chances?

She doesn’t remember goofy Steve “Flat Tax” Forbes giving Bob Dole a run for his money in 1996?

She didn’t notice in 2000, when the field included noted crazy people Alan Keyes and Gary Bauer?

She slept through the 2008, when the nutball trio of Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo and Sam Brownback gave it a go?

The fact is, the Frothy Mixture is no loonier than Pat Robertson (1988). The Quitter is no more ridiculous than Dan Quayle (2000). And Michele Bachmann says exactly the same things Newt Gingrich does, without the air of faux-professorial BS.

Bottom line: the GOP primaries have been a carnival freak show for years. And if Willard hadn’t flip-flopped on everything from abortion to teh gey — and passed ObamaRomneyCare — Nooners would be singing his praises and blissfully ignoring the crazy, like she (and the party) has for years.

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