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McKinney & Sheehan 2012

Facebook users that are politically active might have noticed a new group, McKinney & Sheehan 2012.  Cynthia’s website is here, and Cindy’s is here.  The group looks like an effort to draft Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan for President and Vice President, respectively, in 2012.  Since it is obvious that there will be no Democrat with the courage to challenge Obama next year, this would be a good idea for progressives to get behind.

But will they receive much support from the left?  It is unlikely, with most Democrats caring more about supporting keeping their party in some kind of power than they are in following through on their candidate’s campaign promises from 2008.  Ms. McKinney and Ms. Sheehan represent something that is lacking in most Democrats today, moral principles.  And if recent arguments here are any indication, that is anathema to blogosphere talking heads.

Nevertheless, progressives should get behind Cynthia and Cindy if for no other reason than to send a message to Democrats that we will not be taken for granted any longer.

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