Yeah, I’d Taggart That

This is not a penis going into a vagina.

Writing about Atlas Shrugged: The Movie opening Friday (can’t you just smell the flop-sweat excitement!), Michael Phillips, tips us off to the latest in Randian sexytime pick-up lines:

There is a woman at the zinc-like heart of it all, the railroad company magnate Dagny Taggart (Taylor Schilling, bland as water). She becomes one with the mighty steel company genius Henry Rearden (Grant Bowler, no less watery). As adapted here, Rand’s dialogue is full of come-ons such as: “Dagny, what we’re doing — my metal, your railway…”


When a Randian goes to see Atlas Shrugged, do they make their date pay for their own ticket?

And don’t even think about sharing popcorn. Fucking looter…

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....