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Who shall be first to die for our Cause?

Like 90% of you guys, I too am at the point where I have very little trust in what Obama has said in his last speech. I (as I am sure you do) understand that Paul Ryan’s extremely Draconian budget proposal was just the “over-lay for the under-play.”  Ryan takes on the role of the two dimensional over the top bad guy so our articulate,  charismatic, Daddy figure Obama can  ride in (populist  rhetoric blazing ) and save us with the  Simpson-Bowles  plan.  Yes, I get it!  They insult our intelligence.

It sickens me to listen to the many fake corporate liberals-progressives cover Obama’s ass while he is in campaign mode. Rachel Maddow, Jon Steward, Ed Schultz, Bill Press, Randi Rhodes,
Stefanie Miller, all sing in unison for their corporate masters.

But Guys, you do realize that dumping Obama will more than likely leave us at the mercy of the merciless Republicans? Our people will suffer, and yes, some will forfeit their lives, but like you I agree that this is the only way out of this 30 year nightmare. Remember X-Senator Alan Grayson (D-FL)?  During the health care debate Grayson was asked if the Obama’s  plan without the public option should be scraped and start over with something new?  Alan Grayson  responded as (in my opinion) any compassionate liberal would;

“45,000 people without health insurance as we speak will probably die for  lack of care;  this bill at a minimum will help some of them stay alive another day;  as imperfect as it is I have no choice but to vote for it.”

I call this the “Grayson Rule”: compassion trumps victory.  I must admit,  like most of you I am not as compassionate as Alan Grayson,  I, like most of you want to win for a change!  In order to win in the long game, some will be sacrificed to the heartlessness Republicans and their free market.  So, I ask again, “who shall be first to die for our cause?”

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