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Water Cooler – Atlas Yawned (Oh, Wait!) Shrugged Premiers Tomorrow!

Atlas and globe Earth Galleries NHM London

Atlas and globe Earth Galleries NHM London by hmcotterill, on Flickr

I have a personal grudge against Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. Things were going great with the first great love of my life until that puce green snot ball of a novel fell into R’s (I am keeping her name private) hands. From then on our relationship was doomed. The whole idea of man as an island is one that infects quite a few teenage folks, especially with the premise that the they each are of the of the unique and special people that the world needs. Some like Rand Paul and sadly R, never get over that infection.

Being a life long liberal with the sure and certain knowledge that only a huge family gives you that we are all in this together and you can’t have everything you want, but if you work together you can have most of it, of course I was appalled a the new selfishness and self-righteousness of R. Needless to say we broke up.

So it is with high schadenfreude and more than a little evil glee that I am glad to tell you that tomorrow is the release date for Atlas Shrugged, Part 1. Yeah, that’s right it is going to be (if they get around to making the rest, which I strongly doubt) a trilogy!

You know, Lord of the Rings was three books and it really did need a trilogy to tell the story. Even though Atlas Shrugged came in at 1088 pages unless you want to spend a lot of time repeating exactly Ms. Rand’s wooden and stilted dialog, there really is not that much to spend time on.

It seems that the critics are with me on this. Greg Mitchell over at the Nation has this to say:

It takes a lot to get a 0% at the mass market critics’ consensus site Rotten Tomatoes. Pick an awful movie you can think of and it probably managed a 5% or maybe even a 25%. Somehow, Atlas Shrugged, Part I (yes! more to look forward to!), which opens Friday, has at this writing achieved the rare feat.

In other words, not a single critic to date, from major and minor outlet, high or lowest of low of lowbrow, likes it one bit. I like the headline over the Chicago Tribune review: “Taxing Indeed.”

That is pretty damned bad news for the producers of this movie. It is not like there have not been bad cult films before; Attach of the Killer Tomatoes comes to mind. It is truly so bad it is good in a demented way. But they meant that film to be crappy, I am pretty sure that the group making this film are not looking for that kind of reputation.

All of which goes to prove my point, sort of. There are a lot more folks out there who think they are part of the “innovators” the society can not do with than there ever could be, that is if you are willing to buy into Rand’s silly Objectivism ideas in the first place.

So, lets all raise a glass of our favorite adult beverage to the coming complete flop of a movie and hope that it is so bad that even die hard Randites are so embarrassed that give up these selfish and ultimately harmful memes and realize that we truly are in this together and they do need the rest of us as we all need each other.

What is on your minds tonight Firedogs? The floor is yours!

Oh! PS if you want to see what I think “going Galt” would look like you can read this post from a while back.

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Bill Egnor

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