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White House Strategy FAIL: Appeal to Independents by Giving Republicans Everything They Want

Interesting piece in The Hill this morning which potentially sheds some light on what the White House is thinking with their repeated caves to the GOP.

The White House hopes its checklist of deals will be particularly appealing to independent voters whom Obama will need to win a second term. Polling suggests independents soured on Obama during his first two years in office, but this group of voters is generally viewed as more interested than are Democrats and Republicans in seeing the two parties work together to find results.

In 2008, Obama won independents by eight points in 2008. He’s now down 12. That’s a 20-point swing. I’m not sure why it hasn’t occurred to the White House that one reason might be that independents don’t much care for the Republicans “ideas” — which is why they gave Democrats big majorities in ’06 and ’08 in the first place. Oh well.

If Obama can add the debt ceiling to his list of accomplishments, the next fight will be about spending in 2012 and beyond. This battle is expected to introduce debates over entitlement reforms, with Obama expected to give a sense of his opening position in a speech on Wednesday.

If the last two-plus years are any guide, the president will find a way to bend just enough that he gets the deal. And like he did with the budget battle, Obama will quietly add another item to his list of results even as Republicans claim victory.

So while Republicans will spend the next year and a half blasting Obama as AWOL, White House officials say the president will continue to speak softly and carry a big checklist of accomplishments.

Wow, this is just f***ing retarded.

First of all, does anyone think people outside of the District of Columbia even know what the debt ceiling is, let alone consider will consider it an “accomplishment” of Obama’s if the country doesn’t default on its obligations? Seriously?

I can just see the ads now. “Re-elect the President — he raised the debt ceiling!”

Also, Republicans keep claiming victory because they’re getting pretty much everything they want, and they know it — and so do independents — which (again) is why Obama is losing them.

So the White House’s strategy seems to be: give your base the finger (losing 15-20% of Democrats in the process) while pissing off left-leaning independents — all to appeal to the sliver of right-leaning independents that will think raising the debt ceiling is an accomplishment.

Good luck with that, guys.

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