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“So, as an atheist where do you think you will go after you die?”

The above  question was asked by a friend who like most people happen to believe in an after life. I considered the question and some of it’s built in preconceptions: one being the idea that we leave this planet or physical plane and exist  or  go somewhere else.  Like all  other  bio-matter on this world  all that was the singular  sentient being that was me  will be recycled and  used as raw material for nature’s future projects.

Close your eyes and think about your state of being exactly one year before you were born. Three months before your father’s sperm was introduced to your mother’s egg.  What was your status?

Oblivion: no pain,  loneliness,  fear, hate or regrets;  no lust,   joy,  love  or  curiosity.

Quantum mechanics engages reality from the perspective  of the observer. Reality is this way because you are here and you perceive it this way. From the point of view of an individual reality came into being when you perceived it to be there:  when you cease to be (from your point of view) so will reality.  Consider the GUI (Graphic User Interface) that is the desktop of your computer. It, (the GUI)  is a mere “projection” created by your computer’s hardware.  If the hardware is powered down or damaged a reasonable person would not still expect the GUI (projection) to remain on the screen.  The you, that is you (your very consciousnesses itself) might be only a projection generated by the wet-ware that is your brain.

Bottom line: don’t worry about what  happens when you die. Live and enjoy your life, because when death is here,  you’re not.

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