A Long Time Ago In A Blogpost Far, Far Away….

Some of you may remember a request I made a few weeks ago for science fiction recommendations for the lovely & talented Casey because she’s going through a post-graduate nerd phase. The response was, to say the least, unnervingly  popular indicating that my readership has possibly a higher percentage of virgins then one might find in, say, the average family residing in Wasilla Alaska, to pick a random American town.

Today the L&T one and I spent the afternoon “puttering about” in used bookstores and I am pleased we came up with copies of Issac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy ( a nice hardbound copy printed in 1951…when dinosaurs roamed the earth and did not have food processors with which to make pie), Ursula Le Guin’s Lathe Of Heaven, Herbert’s Dune, Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, The Forever War by Joe Haldeman, Theodore Sturgeon’s More Than Human (which we thought was only a White Zombie song) and, pleasing to me, a Gollancz edition of Sturgeon’s The Dreaming Jewels (brought up here). Equally entertaining was browsing a nice collection of vintage Galaxy pulps from the fifties. My only real disappointment was in not finding a copy of Stranger In A Strange Land but, like all used bookstore browsing , there is as much joy in the continuing hunt as there is in the discovery.

While I’m on the subject of books, the lissome and bootylicious mrs tbogg gives a big ole thumb up for  The Witches on the Road Tonight (you NYRB subscribers can read about it here)

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