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“Primary Obama” Bus Ad Campaign Goes LIVE in D.C.!

It has taken a few days for my campaign to get approved but we are finally there.  Join me over at for the launch of “Obama needs a primary challenger.”

This very cool site allows users to upload their own billboard designs, or in my case bus ads because the billboards in D.C. are way too expensive, and users can vote on the best design.  Once the funding goal is met, the billboard/bus ad goes up.  It is crowdsourcing at its best.  You can ad your own design to my campaign or revamp something I have already done to make it even more powerful.  You can donate to the campaign by credit card or PayPal and your account will not be charged if the funding goal is not met.  No risk, big reward.

There has already been one successful campaign at Epic Step to support Wikileaks and that billboard went up at a major intersection in Los Angeles with a new one going up in Chicago.

I know many here think a primary challenge to Obama is like spitting in the wind but after this budget deal, you may have a different opinion.  I am under no illusion that a primary challenge will be successful but my hope is that we can get some media attention  while Obama is cutting Medicare, Social Security and all the other safety nets we hold dear.  This is our Wisconsin and I think Obama is about to awaken the sleeping giant.  Let’s be prepared to take advantage of it and cover D.C. with the message that Progressive Democrats are ready, willing and able to take our party back.

Don’t forget to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.  There are buttons at the bottom of the campaign window to make this easy for you

Will you join me?

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