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Help St. Mark’s LGBT Communities Save What We have Gained

St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis, Minnesota needs to hear from you.  In a petition that has been started called Don't Sell Out St. Mark's LGBT Communities to the Highest Bidder you can read the following information.

For many, many years now St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis, Minnesota has been a leader in LGBT inclusion.   The Cathedral in Minnesota was a hot spot during the debate that led to the consents that made Gene Robinson the first openly gay Bishop in the Episcopal Church.  The Cathedral has had an active and vibrant LGBT group that has planned how St. Marks can be active in the Twin Cities LGBT Pride Festival and Parade.   On the Sunday of Pride Weekend, visiting LGBT people were warmly surprised to hear that the entire Sunday of services was dedicated to LGBT inclusion and justice.  The Collect (the opening prayer at the beginning of the service) and the sermon would be about LGBT people and our work towards equality in the Church and the world.

However, something has happened that is not right. St. Mark's LGBT Communities need your help to help make it right.

During this past year, the Cathedral's Dean ran a Capital Campaign.   The campaign was to raise money for some major projects such as repairing of the exterior masonary and the repair of the Cathedral's organ.  Apparently the largest donor made a deal with the Dean.  He would give his money as long as the Dean and the Cathedral would not talk about LGBT issues as much as they have in the past.    hat meant that on Pride Sunday, the two morning services would go back to regular Sunday Services and the only Pride Service would be the 4:00pm Pride Liturgy.  It would also mean that there would be less about LGBT justice and inclusion preached from the pulpit of St. Mark's Cathedral

I don't know about you, but I hate the idea of the LGBT communities being sold out like that.   Just because some big donor has a homo problem, the dean accepted the money and the terms to keep the donor happy.

This is hardly a “Christian” motive.  This is the kind of thing we might expect to see in the United States Congress, but not in a Church where the LGBT Communities have been widely welcomed and accepted.

I am asking all who sign this petition to join me in asking the Bishop and the Dean to not sell out St. Mark's LGBT Communities to the highest bidder.  And return the Pride Sunday morning Liturgies to a celebration of Pride Sunday.

The LGBT Communities at St. Mark's have made tremendous strides.  Let's not allow a heavy dipper to “bully” away the LGBT Communities Pride Services and progress.  Let us not accept the call for justice and equality to be silenced by a wealthy donor's prejudice.


Please read the letter and sign the petition to help us out.

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