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obama to dems: please primary me!

Question: Why does obama keep selling out the base?
Partial Answer: Becoz he doesn’t want to run in 2012 and he is purposefully pissing off the base to give him an out.

My prediction is this: the raging narcissio-path obama will not run in 2012. While his ego demanded the world’s biggest stage to strut and preen upon, the whole experience has not been emotionally rewarding enough … it hasn’t been as nourishing to his ego as he had expected … for him to want another 4 years of it. He is being questioned with increasing frequency … which he doesn’t like; he finds it offensive … and he’s not going to enjoy trying to defend his absolutely horrendous record on the campaign trail in 2012. So he is angling to cash in his favors to the plutocrats and on the celebrity-hood of becoming the country’s first black president. But he’s not going to want to make it transparent that he is going off to cash in on 4 years of selling out the country and he’s also likely sensitive to criticism that he hasn’t stuck at anything for very long: community activist, law school professor, state senator, u.s. senator, and now president.

He would much rather have an excuse than out and out quit and his excuse is going to be that his candidacy became untenable: I couldn’t get elected so I stepped aside. And he’ll keep pissing off the base until that happens. And it’s not like this is unprecedented behavior from him. He very cynically did damn near everything he could to hurt the democrats in the mid-term elections, calling out the base for being ungrateful, calling them retards through emanuel, expressing his disappointment in them … not to mention selling their asses out blatantly and repeatedly. He wanted a strengthened republican hand in congress and he got it … better to compromise with to get to where he wants to: pro-corporate, pro-wall street, pro-plutocracy legislation. The republican congress makes the kabuki less complicated than trying to arrange the pieces on the democratic side, essentially calling in liebermann, nelson, baucus, etc. from the sleaze bullpen to give him the resistance he needs to sell out the vast majority of the people in this country’s interest. Now he has the tea party-infused republicans to use as toehold to posture from as the reasonable and responsible one, which is convenient for him becoz he doesn’t want to be known as the duplicitous bastard that he is.

Why would he want to serve another 4 year term? He’s gotten everything that he wanted from the platform: he became president, the first black president against very large odds … reached the top … had us join him in a celebration of himself. But though the trip was fun, he doesn’t like it once he got there and it’s time to move on to something else. He’s a lot like palin … and most politicians … in those regards: running is the funnest part of it … basking in the adoration of the crowds, doing speeches … but they’ve got no real ambition to actually govern.

He has no personal reason to stay … he’s got no magnanimous reason to stay, that’s for sure; he never does. He certainly didn’t take the job to help people out or improve the country … he’s fucked over 99% of the country by hijacking their hope for his own vanity and wealth. He certainly realizes that what he is doing is very damaging to hundreds of millions of people, but he doesn’t care at all. Becoz obama is all about himself, he is only serving the plutocracy becoz he feels it is in HIS best interest to: to position himself best for future payouts. But he doesn’t have any allegiance to them beyond that. And I don’t think that he’s inclined to carry their water for 4 more years after this term.

No, rather than risk the embarrassment … the humiliation … of losing, the head pr man for the establishment will decline to run in 2012 and express his disappointment in us all and the partisanship in our government. Though he was elected on his promises of delivering substantial change and hardly anyone gives a fuck about bi-partisanship, he’ll deceitfully posture that he was elected to end partisanship. But, unfortunately, the rest of the government is not as noble and well-intentioned as he so he wasn’t able to accomplish that and, again, it was we and dc that let this fine man down. He will try to portray himself as a brave man that was willing to risk re-election in order to make the tough decisions that were needed to position ourselves to “win the future”.

So, in summary, he is looking for a reason to exit, and probably anxious to cash in on his favors to the plutocracy and the celebrity-hood of being this country’s first black president. It would be too transparent to serve the plutocrats so loyally for 4 years and voluntarily leave and cash out, so he’s going to keep selling us out until his support erodes to the point that his candidacy becomes untenable. Though he’s going to go through the motions of beginning his run for a 2nd term, he will purposely piss of his base until it’s obvious that he doesn’t have enough support to win, and then bow out for the better of the party … which would be for the best, not that he really gives a shit … and blame the economic mess that he walked into and partisanship for his loss of support.

These sellouts to the republicans that piss off the liberal base not only serve his interests in taking care of the entities that will line his pockets in the future, they also lay the groundwork for his walking away in 2012.


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