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Congressional Republicans: All Our Presidential Candidates Suck

Pictured: the Republicans' 2012 front-runner.

The GOP whining in the Village Daily about their 2012 crop of circus geeks and snake handlers is really quite awesome.

The dissatisfaction with the likely GOP field — long whispered among party activists, operatives and elected officials — is growing more audible in the House and Senate.

Interviews on both sides of the Capitol have revealed widespread concern about the lackluster quality of the current crop of candidates and little consensus on who Republican senators and House members would like to see in the race.


Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, a Naval reservist, added: “I’m a military guy, so we always like Petraeus, but he’s currently running the war.”


Another House Republican from a state with an early nominating contest expressed his frustration: “I’m not sure Donald Trump is the answer.”

“A number of people where I live are excited about Chris Christie, but he’s not running,” said Dent. “My sense is that people back home want to see more options.”
North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr flatly predicted: “We’re going to see other folks.”
Shrugged Arkansas Sen. John Boozman: “Republicans have always been for who’s next in line, and there’s nobody in line.”

Ouch. The Quitter and Willard are officially nobodies.

And here’s the kicker.

“I don’t see anyone in the current field right now, and people say that to me, as well. I’m reflecting what I hear,” said California Rep. David Dreier, chairman of the House Rules Committee. […]

“Everybody’s looking for a Ronald Reagan, and they don’t see one.”
Surely, there’s got to be a Bush lying around somewhere.
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