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Boehner, GOP Prove House Isn’t Powerless After All

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and his big stick. (photo from Speaker's website)

As last week drew to a close, the Republicans that control only the House of Representatives clearly bested President Obama and the Democrats that control the Senate in the budget fight.  Speaker John Boehner, despite controlling only one third of the relevant institutions in the budget fight, was able to get the President to agree to even larger cuts than those Boehner originally asked for, plus an anti-abortion rider imposed on the people of the District of Colombia.

While I strongly disagree on a policy level with almost everything John Boehner is trying to do,  I’m glad that he has at least reminded us that the House of Representatives isn’t the meaningless sick boy of the federal government.

After the past two years of being told that House must be the lapdog that can only rubberstamp what the broken Senate decided, and being told the two years prior that there was no way House Democrats could use the chamber to end the war in Iraq like they promised, people were given the impression that the House was a near-powerless chamber.

Boehner shows it is only powerless when controlled by Democrats.

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Jon Walker

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