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Brittany Novotny Elected President Of The Young Democrats Of Oklahoma

Thumbnail link to Young Democrats Of Oklahoma webpageThis is great news!

I received a note from Brittany Novotny late yesterday telling me she’s been elected President of the Young Democrats Of Oklahoma. As of yesterday afternoon, she is the first trans person to be elected president of any state YD chapter.

Image: Brittany Novotny during her 2010 run for the Oklahoma state legislature; Link: Brittany Novotny's Public Figure Facebook PageYou may remember Brittany Novotny from her challenging of Republican Sally Kerns in the Oklahoma District 84 Assembly race. At that time, Novotny didn’t want her transgender identity be the focus of the election, but recognized that Kern’s hate inspiring diatribes are a contributing factor in her decision to run. In a district that is heavily weighted for Republicans, Novotny pulled in roughly 35% of the district’s votes.

Novotny is hard working. She received many of votes she did in that election because her long hours walking the 84th District, asking voters for their votes. I’m sure she was elected president of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma in part because of her tireless work.

Brittany Novotny has my congratulations on her election as President. Frankly, I believe we’ll be seeing much more from her in years to come — and I for one would warmly welcome that.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen