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Care for a slice of my Jewish Apple Cake? (photo: jmackinnell)

In the side yard, we have lots of bulbs coming up… daffodils, crocuses, and I even see the beginnings of some peony shoots. Paul took some photos and posted them on Facebook. I tried to save some of his photos, but they would only save as .html (any suggestions?); so, I took some photos of my own so that you could see them. I’ll have to ask him to send me some of his, so that I can add them to this slide-show.

The three “volunteer” maple trees that we replanted in the side yard are doing pretty well. They were in the front yard, but we moved them back here to provide some shade for the drive way. We’re not exactly easy-chair gardeners… we just struggle along as best we can.

I would like to move some of the peony shoots to the side of the house where the other peonies are, so we could have a small space for some tomatoes and a few other vegetables. The folks who lived here before us did not plan the garden as well as I would have liked. The fiddle-head ferns are on the sunny side of the house, instead of the shady side, and they put bulbs in a rock garden that gets lots of sun. I would prefer to have some herbs there. They would look so much better for one thing. The irises fall over themselves and the other bulbs look miserable after they bloom. Organizing things aesthetically is so much more fun!

On Monday, I bought some herbs for the deck, to plant in the window boxes. And in the front yard, we have tulips coming up, too, and maybe some poppies, as well as all of that wretchedly invasive grass that the previous owners planted and that I have not had the energy to remove. It completely takes over. Eventually, we’ll also have a gorgeously huge hedge of rhododendron blooming magnificently. And I am going to remove most of that wretched grass.

The only thing is… I will have to convince Paul… he really hates any kind of change.

What’s coming up in your yard? Anything unusual? It is supposed to be in the low 50’s here today… and rainy. I wish it had not been rainy here all week. Good grief!

I bought a Jewish apple cake and some doughnuts, but for those who prefer no sweets in the morning, I can make eggs and bacon and home fries, and toast, if you like. The coffee and tea are ready, and I always have the makings for hot chocolate. What will you have?

In other news, I joined a Planet Fitness gym on Monday… I just have to figure out when is the best time to go. Apparently, it’s pretty busy between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. I’d like to go in the early morning, except that I’m not really a morning person… but I will figure out a good time to go. I still need more chi!

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