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Drug Testing for Government Assistance Programs

I think this is the best idea. Drug testing people on government assistance is a great idea because there are many people in Kentucky that do NOT abuse the system but there are many people that DO abuse the system. I probably wouldn’t be so passoniate about this subject if it wasn’t for the fact that my husband and I have a daughter with Cystic Fibrosis and the state of Kentucky will not help my family with her medical bills. Just to name a few medicines her TOBI is 4194.00 per month, her Pulmozyme is 1500.00 per month and her Creon is 1200.00 per month.The Smart Vest she uses to do her percussion therapy is 14,00.00. The only way we can afford her medicine was for me to cancel my insurance to be able to afford an insurance called Kentucky Access Program that is for people with special needs. The premium for her insurance alone is 300.00 per month and we can only afford it til she is 12 because the preimum goes up 75.00 per year every year after 12 years old and that if the health care reform does not do away with this program. This insurance allows us to get her medicine for a 15.00 copay but before we found this insurance her TOBI cost was 745.00, pulmozyme was 350.00 and Creon was 300.00 and these medicine are just a few of the medicine she takes not to mention the medical equipment like nebulizers and compressors, vitamins, prevacid, allergy meds, 3 pks of pedisure per week or more, and the list can go on and on. The system is very flawed because there are a lot of people that do not work and get assistance when there are people who work and pay their taxes like my family who struggle to provide medical care for our daughter. I have never ask for help from our government and neither has my husband we have always worked extra hours or 2 jobs if we had to to make ends meet but when we need the state to help us the SHUNE us and act like we are terrible people because we need help with our daughter medical care! We have more medical bills than most families accumulate in 10 years and our daughter is just 2. We are not asking for welfare, food stamps and a medical card. We will do everything we can to not use the assistance of the government because there are people the truly need it to feed themselves and their children or to make sure their children get to the doctor but its really frustrating when I go to the Lincoln Co. cabinet to see if my daughter can get a medical card because of her special needs and there is a guy in there on his cell phone talking to someone about selling his food stamp card because he needs to get some of those “PILLS” it really pisses me off. The GREAT state of KENTUCKY(as much as I love it/ I hate the way the government works) will not give our daughter a medical, spend down, kchip, medicaid, social security, or SSI. My husband and I work and we are a LOWER middle class family and we can not get help for our daughter’s medical care. I think government assistance is a great thing there are people that need it but its not fair to the people that need it because of special needs in the family can not get it. But there are people out there that sell their food stamps to get cash for drugs. My friend has a family member that gets 900.00 per month in food stamps. Her and her boyfriend have 1 child and 1 on the way. Neither of them work and their main source of income is to sell drugs. How is this right. I would rather my tax money pay for drug tests and rehab programs than to just give people free assistance that do not even try to work or take care of their family but they have the money to do drugs. Not everyone on government assistance does drugs, yes I know this, and NO its not fair to the people who do not do drugs but because the system is so widely abused and the state has allowed it to happen for so long I do not feel like we have any other choice. What right to the government have to make me choose wether I buy my daughter medicine to keep her healthy or put food in her belly???? None that I know of. For anyone that doesn’t know about Cystic Fibrosis, research it. Its a devastating chronic illness. We have made GREAT advancements in the care of CF patients but their health can fail and take a turn for the worse at any minute. Its a disease that mainly affects the respiratory system and digestive system but it can affect many other systems in the body and cause many other illnesses. The average cost to raise a CF child is 25,000 per year that is well over half of my families income.

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