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Pew Poll: Americans Already Regret Giving House to Republicans

by Artbandito

This has to be the shortest honeymoon in the history of American politics.

The new survey finds that as the Republican-led House approaches the 100-day mark of its tenure, about as many Americans say they are unhappy (44%) as happy (43%) that the GOP won control of the House last November. Just a third (33%) say they are keeping their campaign promises while 52% say they are not.

I’m surprised that 33% isn’t even lower. Socialized medicine ObamaCare hasn’t been repealed, Obama hasn’t been impeached and they haven’t TAKEN BACK THE COUNTRY!1!!

Anyway, with independents, it’s even grimmer.

Independents are now divided in their reaction to the election: 43% say they are happy the GOP won control of the House while 39% are unhappy. In November, independents by a wide margin (48% to 27%) expressed a positive reaction to the Republicans’ victory.

That’s one hell of a swing. But then, “screw the working people, Charlie Sheen needs more tax cuts” isn’t going to win you many non-wingnut friends.

This is all just more evidence that 2010 was about punishing Democrats for selling out, not rewarding Republicans for being awesome.

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