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Late Night: The Strategic Corruption Reserve

Moles (photo: KM&G-Morris)

As you may have read in following links from D-Day’s post earlier today, the county clerk in Wisconsin who made news yesterday with an implausible story of finding 14,000 missing votes in the Supreme Court election earlier this week has quite an intriguing history.  Not only was she involved in a similar electoral faux pas in 2006, she was deeply entangled in a political corruption scandal in 2002.

How could someone with Kathy Nickolaus’s blend of partisanship and questionable behavior last so long in a position of presumed public trust?  Somehow, it seems oddly familiar

The Bush administration has quietly installed a surprising figure in a high-level Pentagon post: L. Jean Lewis, the former federal fraud investigator who kicked up major controversy in the ’90s over her allegations about the Clintons’ Whitewater dealings….

Although there’s been no public announcement of her return to government, Lewis has been given a $118,000-a-year job as chief of staff in the traditionally nonpartisan Defense Department’s inspector general office. With 1,240 employees and a budget of $160 million, this office is the largest of its kind in the government. It investigates fraud and audits Pentagon contracts, including the billions of dollars being awarded in Iraq to companies like Halliburton and Bechtel.

As an investigator for the now defunct Resolution Trust Corp. in 1993, Lewis drafted a criminal referral alleging illegal Whitewater dealings that eventually became the basis for Ken Starr’s probe.

Newsweek in September 2003 [cont’d.]

Our consideration is limited to the present circumstances.

— Antonin Scalia et al. in Bush v. Gore, 2000, explaining that the decision’s invented legal theories and hastily improvised judicial reasoning should not be considered as a precedent

There are lots of us busy elves working away in Santa’s workshop.

— Ann Coulter to reporter Michael Isikoff, when he noted her apparent inside knowledge of Paula Jones’s lawsuit against President Bill Clinton

… a powerful band of Republican appointees [who] waited like the strategic reserves of an embattled army…

— Independent counsel Lawrence Walsh in his book Firewall, describing the appeals-court judges who overturned his convictions in the Iran-Contra investigation

Umm, anyway… just throwing out random anecdotes here.  No particular reason.

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