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Late Night: Pouting Baby Says “Uterus Is Not a Dirty Word, It’s the House Where I Grew Up!”

"Uterus is not a dirty word! It's the house where I grew up." (photo courtesy of Jim White)

It looks like Pouting Baby is talking to us again. — JW

I can’t believe how mean Cannonball Dean and the other Republicans in the Florida legislature are. Did you hear about how they tried to get Rep. Randolph in trouble just because he said “uterus”? They tried to make it look like uterus is a dirty word:

During last week’s discussion about a bill that would prohibit governments from deducting union dues from a worker’s paycheck, state Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, used his time during floor debate to argue that Republicans are against regulations — except when it comes to the little guys, or serves their specific interests.

At one point Randolph suggested that his wife “incorporate her uterus” to stop Republicans from pushing measures that would restrict abortions. Republicans, after all, wouldn’t want to further regulate a Florida business.

They told Democrats not to talk about body parts on the House floor, and Cannonball Dean’s spokesperson even tried to claim that young pages would be upset by hearing the word uterus:

“Additionally, the Speaker believes it is important for all Members to be mindful of and respectful to visitors and guests, particularly the young pages and messengers who are seated in the chamber during debates. In the past, if the debate is going to contain language that would be considered inappropriate for children and other guests, the Speaker will make an announcement in advance, asking children and others who may be uncomfortable with the subject matter to leave the floor and gallery.”

That’s just stupid! Uterus is not a dirty word, it’s the house where I grew up. It was all warm and snuggly there. I could hear my Mommy telling me how much she loved me.

Ms. Rachel M. had Rep. Randolph on her show to talk about how uterus is not a dirty word, and how Republicans don’t want it said because they are trying to pass a lot of laws that are mean to people who have a uterus:

Cannonball Dean has caused a lot of problems for Florida Republicans by trying to say uterus is a dirty word. As Ms. Rachel M. said in the video, the ACLU has now put up a website at It’s a really cute site. And there is a really neat Facebook page for Uterus. Be sure to look at the pictures there, because one of them suggests where you can find Cannonball Dean.

(State of Florida photo)

For comparison, here’s another picture of Cannonball Dean from his website. I noticed a familiar name when I looked at that photo. For a minute, I thought it was taken by the Mark Foley who said lots of dirty words to pages. But I guess there is another Mark Foley who is a photographer for the Florida Legislature. The photo of Cannonball Dean is fun, though, because the framed picture beside him is Cretin Larry, who was Speaker before Cannonball Dean and is from my district.

Anyway, if you want to join the people who are telling Cannonball Dean that uterus is not a dirty word, you can sign the petition here. Also, some nice people are selling t-shirts that say “Government so small it can fit in your uterus”.

You can follow Rep. Randolph on Twitter at @RepRandolph and his wife is at @SusannahFL.

Remember, uterus is not a dirty word.  It’s the house where I grew up.  And you grew up in one, too.

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