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Hunt’s Manwich Ad: Violence Against Musical-Loving Men is A-OK

This shocking advertisement from Hunt’s for their Manwich product endorses violence against men who like Broadway musicals for their costumes, dancing, and singing. Violence against non-gender-conforming men should never be the basis for an advertising campaign. This promotes gay-bashing.

Please tell Hunt’s, right here, that you won’t buy their product unless they remove this unfunny commercial from the web and the airwaves.

Here’s my complaint to them, that I typed into the little box provided on this form.

Your advertisement for Hunt’s Manwich uses violence against men who like Broadway musicals to sell your product. This is called gay-bashing.

I won’t buy a ConAgra product as long as this ad appears anywhere. You should be ashamed.

Along with Hunt’s, other food-like products from parent ConAgra include Marie Callender™, PAM™, Wolf™ Brand Chili, KidCuisine™, Rosarita™ Beans, Chef Boyardee™, Healthy Choice™, and Orville Redenbacher™ popcorn.

UPDATE: Video has been “removed by user” so archive copy shown above. Also, here’s another in the same series, mocking men who like shoes:

And the first in the series of commercials, which mocked men who get hair product from their stylists. I think you can tell where this is headed:

UPDATE 2: Statement from ConAgra:

“Thank you for contacting ConAgra Foods. The Manwich videos posted on YouTube were not meant to offend and we apologize if anyone was offended. We pulled the videos down as soon as we became aware of them,” wrote Jeff Mochal Director of Communications & External Relations for ConAgra Foods

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge