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Late Night: The Long Glennbye

Why has Glenn Beck has gotten the shitcan from Fox?

Why, I did it. Me! Thers!

Me, Thers… and my BFF, Osama bin Laden! Ha ha! You fools! Between us, Thers and my BFF OBL, we run the entire western media-industrial caliphate-complex, and now that our most doughy foe has been deprived of his blackboards, you’ll all be wearing burqas by Labor Day — which will be renamed Mandatory Gay Sex Muslim Labor Day — and that will be…  every day! Take that, Heartland America!

Or not, though I’m sure given ten minutes, a Google search, and sufficient chalk Beck could prove as much convincingly to his fan base, who would be a gang of Grandpa Simpsons, only not funny, but scary.

Funning aside, Spocko explains what really happened.

Though, it must be stressed:

Fox hired Beck in the first place, revved him up, gave him a giant megaphone, let him talk absolute shit… and they knew what he was.

Fox is pure crazy partisan. And even now, Glenn Beck is no loonier than, say, Paul Ryan. Or Newt Gingrich. Or Sean Hannity. Or Bill Kristol.

If Fox has a problem with Beck, it is a tactical thing.

The new Fox Fashion is Serious Adultness.


Because now they’re responsible for the House of Representatives, and even though I sincerely doubt this would ever happen, what freaks the hell out of the GOP and FOX and Greater Wingnuttia generally, is the idea that they might ever be held accountable for anything.

It’s all very “Tell-tale Heart,” you know?

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