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Kloppenburg Takes Razor-Thin Lead of 224 Votes with One Precinct Left UPDATE: Now 235

The AP has the latest update on the Wisconsin state Supreme Court race. Every precinct has been tallied but one, and actually, looking at the county-by-county stats I don’t even see that precinct. Nearly 1.5 million votes have been counted. Here’s the total:

JoAnne Kloppenburg 739,574
David Prosser (i) 739,350

Kloppenburg leads by 224 votes.

There’s going to be a recount, that much is certain. Prosser’s campaign told supporters to be ready for one last night. But going into that recount, it looks like Kloppenburg will have the lead. And it’s amazing that this relative unknown had that opportunity, considering that in the primary just a month or so ago, she had the support of only 25% of the electorate, and Prosser had 55% support.

John Nichols of The Nation predicted that we would not know the next Supreme Court Justice in Wisconsin for at least a month. I think that’s definitely true, if not longer. Remember, the upper Midwest is the home of Al Franken and Norm Coleman.

UPDATE: The AP shifted its numbers a little, now show Kloppenburg by 235 votes. Here’s a map of the election results.

UPDATE II: Via the Twitter machine, the one remaining district is in Lake Mills, Jefferson County. They had some problems with their vote, and resumed the hand counting of 700 ballots today at 11:45 am CT. Via unconfirmed reports, that count revealed essentially a wash. Kloppenburg will be up anywhere from 225-233 votes based on the end of the initial count.

Welcome to another damn thing for me to pay attention to.

UPDATE III: After yet another adjustment, AP has it at Kloppenburg +206.

UPDATE IV: Eric Kleefeld says the last precinct will give Prosser two more votes, but with all precincts in, Kloppenburg leads by 204. Prosser is readying a recount.

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David Dayen

David Dayen